Pettle introduces “Happy Dance” – a donation drive that aims to make this Diwali even happier for 4 Animal Welfare Organisations across India. 


We’ve teamed up with four kick-ass NGOs from all corners of India. These folks have been in the game for over a decade, making a real difference in the world of furry friends. They’re all about rescuing, rehabilitating, adopting, taking care of the senior dogs, giving medical aid, and spreading the word about animal love. Let’s make this Diwali a howlin’ good time for them! 


The donated amount will be split equally amongst all 4 NGOs, and give the NGO owners and animals a good reason to smile and wag their tails respectively.

Why Happy Dance ?

Whenever something good happens at Pettle – whether that’s closing a large customer, bringing in another investor on board , or getting some serious love for our app – you know what we do? We break out into a full-on Happy Dance! 



And this Diwali, we’re taking that dance of joy and spreading it to those who could really use some cheer.


The “Happy Dance” campaign perfectly aligns with the company’s ethos of being “Problem Solvers, Growth Drivers, and Cheerleaders for Pet Businesses.” 


This initiative is all about staying true to our word. We’re here to tackle real-world issues in the pet industry, help it thrive, and show some serious love to the amazing folks behind every pet business, including our four-legged friends in Animal Welfare Organizations. Let’s dance our way into a brighter Diwali for everyone involved!